A Brief History of Cheng Yuan


   Chengyuan was originally founded in 1897. It was located in the site of Taiwan Provincial Government Office of Ching Dynasty, now called Chung Shan Hall. During the period as a Japanese colony, it was the first night contianing high school in Taiwan. In 1952, Chengyuan Junior High School was established in Shung-lian, where our school locates now. After two years, under the educational system, it was expanded into a complete high school with senior high schooling added. While the Provincial Government took charge of the high school education in 1961, senior students were transferred into Provincial Cheng-Gung High School. By 1986, the junior high school came to a new phase with the coming of the compulsory education. Since then, it has been named Chengyuan Junior High, and only the students living near the region of  the school could attend the school. Under the command of Taipei City Government, it became a complete high school by the name of Taipei Municipal Chengyuan Senior High School on July 1st, 1996, as the first comprehensive high school in Taipei. The students living near the school are allowed to receive junior high education in Chengyuan, while the students who have passed the High School Entrance Examination can receive senior high school education here. That is, it unites comprehensive high school and complete high school into one. Chengyuan is not only a school with a long history but it also has now entered a new era.